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We are currently developing two styles of videos

Here is a sample of our work

Interview based - footage of various stakeholders in an organisation, campaign or climate mitigation project. Each video is bespoke and there are no exact scripts, just ten-minutes of conversation during which two or three perfect sentences are invariably spoken. We pluck these out and weave them into a very tight one, two or five minute film depending on your needs.

Thematic - we weave library footage with carefully crafted messaging based on your needs. We aim for a tone of positivity and hope for the future whilst recognising the seriousness of the problem and the need for action.

So that's video, yeah? Yeah. Training talk a bit about my experience in all the media that I've already placed over the years. And all my hits that I've had, which are going to be numerous now, especially with XR. However we also have within us within our a strong artistic background.