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Webinar 3: Clean Air is a Human Right

In many countries, our right to clean air is enshrined in law, but not delivered in practice. Lawyers involved in recent landmark air pollution cases share the vital impact the justice system has had, and show how collaborative, big-picture thinking can treat people before they become patients.

Who is speaking?

In order of appearance :

Shazia Yamin

Shazia Yamin is a consumer law lawyer and partner at Leigh Day with expertise in group claims. She works on the group claims being brought by vehicle owners against Volkswagen and Mercedes following the diesel emissions scandal.

Dr Aarash Saleh

Dr Aarash Saleh is an NHS respiratory doctor and PhD student in cystic fibrosis gene therapy at Imperial College. He was part of the 2018 protest at Volkswagen’s Milton Keynes head office, when campaigners blocked the entrance and set up a diesel pollution clinic to offer health checks to staff and public.

Joceyln Cockburn

Jocelyn Cockburn is a partner at Hodges Jones & Allen and a human rights lawyer. She has brought ground breaking litigation exploring the extent to which the state is required to protect life. An asthma sufferer herself she has turned her attention to air quality and is seeking to use the European Convention on Human Rights to establish a human right to clean air. She was instructed by the family of Ella Adoo-Kissi Debrah in their fight to have air pollution recognised as the cause of her death. In a landmark ruling, this happened in December 2020.

The full webinar also features :

Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee is Campaigns and Policy Manager for Clean Air at ClientEarth, an environmental charity that uses law to create powerful change that protects life on earth. She’s worked in the UK, US and Spain and manages a combination of legal, policy and scientific expertise in order to address the challenge of air pollution.

James Thornton

James is a poet and founding CEO of ClientEarth. He launched the environmental law charity in 2007, sparking fundamental change in the way environmental protections are made and enforced across Europe. Now operating globally, ClientEarth uses advocacy, litigation and research to address the greatest challenges of our time – including nature loss and climate change. The New Statesman named James as one of 10 people who could change the world. The Lawyer picked him as one of the top 100 lawyers in the UK.

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