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Ride for their Lives 2022

The healthcare providers who protect our children's present are riding to protect their future... until COP27, 7-18 Nov.

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NHS doctors launch Ride for their Lives with WHO Director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. You can submit your own ride or book a call to speak with the team here.

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Can you spare a day to cycle for healthy children and a healthy climate?

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Ride for their Lives (RTFL) 2022 is seeking groups of healthcare providers to organise events in the run up to COP 27.

Each group should actively travel from one healthcare setting to another. Most events will involve cycling, but walking, running and even paddling are also welcome. We want to make it as simple as possible for people to take part which is why we are suggesting your event fits neatly into one day. But the journey can be as short or long as you like.

The rides will do far more than just ‘raise awareness’. They will have an important educational impact. But they will also will foster new connections between the climate campaigners among you. And they will equip you with a framework to make a practical difference, using the three pillars strategy.

The Three Pillars

Before, during and after the day you are encouraged to communicate your message to everyone you meet, including the public, colleagues and decision-makers.

At the end, we would like you to record a video or audio discussion about what you have learned and the actions you will now take.

Highlights of the discussions will appear on our Inspiration Hub and in a narrative report to capture the learning from RTFL2022.

We have compiled a how-to guide - our "Invitation to Join" - with everything you need to know to set up your ride.

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Table of contents on the Invitation to Join
Table of contents on the Invitation to Join

How to organise your event

1) Click here to read our "Invitation to Join" document and then gather together a small group of like-minded staff from at least two health care settings, ideally (but not necessarily) including some neonatal/paediatric staff

2) Pick a day and cycle, run or walk from one setting to the other(s), taking photos and videos along the way

3) After the ride, record a video or audio conversation around the three pillars strategy or nominate a member or members of your riding group to be interviewed by our team over zoom

4) Send all photos, videos and the recorded discussion to Climate Acceptance Studios’ central coordination team for further dissemination - ride@climateacceptancestudios.com

Interested? Questions?

For full details of the campaign please read our invitation to join document.

Download the Ride for their Lives logo for your own use here.

Join the ride here.

And once you've joined, why not submit a video saying why to ride@climateacceptancestudios.com

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