Frequently Asked Questions

Which Strava Club should I join to contribute km (or miles)?

  • Join the Child Health Care Provider group if you are a child health care provider or your organisation provides healthcare for children. Click here.

  • Join the Adult Health Care Provider group if you are an adult healthcare provider or your organisation provides health care for adults but not children. Click here.

  • There is a public ride for everyone else. Click here.

Do I need a smartphone or pay to use Strava?

No, you can join and use Strava for free and all the features you need to contribute rides are free. You can use Strava via an iOS or Android app on a smart device and automatically track your miles, but you can also sign in on a computer and manually enter your estimated distances.

Is my information publicly visible?

Yes, so check out the Strava Help page if you are concerned.

Can I form a Strava Club for my organization so we can track our contribution?

Yes, BUT you will need to make sure all your riders join one of our 3 groups first otherwise their miles will not contribute to the grand total. Riders on Strava can be in several groups and their rides contribute to all groups simultaneously. There is no way to make your organization a subgroup of our Rides so riders will need to join two groups. You are also welcome to send us the Summary Widget from your organisation’s Strava Club and we will select some to display on our website. Look for the “Embed a Strava Widget on your blog” button and email us the code under Summary Widget when you click through.

Can we organise local events in support of this ride?

Absolutely. We would love you to do this. The entire reason we are doing this is to spread awareness of the crisis threatening our patients and our duty to act. Please organize the event during October and ideally between 24th and 31st when we are riding. Events can involve physically riding or occur on static trainers that give you a distance. The more events organised across the world where we can discuss the problem and formulate local action plans the better our chance to protect the planet for our patients. If you organize events please tell us about them on Strava or by email to

I have contacts in an organization who might support this what should I do?

Contact them first and let them know. If they are interested feel free to get them involved using the resources here and if they need more information contact us on

Why are you doing this?

Our goal is to communicate the seriousness of air pollution to the health community and the public. Polluted air causes an estimated 7 million deaths annually, and shares the same root causes as the climate crisis.

At COP26 we will also hand over a suite of documents from the global healthcare community demonstrating the need for urgent action on air pollution and the climate.

I work in the media - how can I contact you?


Who exactly is doing the ride from London to Glasgow and can I join them?

The riders are all paediatric healthcare providers who work at children’s hospitals around the UK in a variety of capacities, from CEO to mechanic. If you want to join us for a leg of the ride please rendez-vous with us when we stop for events in Birmingham, Sheffield or Newcastle (details to be announced). We cannot provide any support, for example transport or accommodation, to people who join us on an ad hoc basis, unfortunately

How do I find out more about the pollution pods and can I visit them?

You can find out about the Pollution Pods here. You can visit the entire installation or a single pod at various times and places through October and November:

  1. Saturday 16 October to Sunday 23 October - Granary Square, London (entire installation, the launch press event with the riders will be on Wednesday 20 Oct lunchtime - exact time TBC)

  2. Monday 25 October 6pm - Birmingham Think Tank Science Museum, (single pod)

  3. Tuesday 26 October 1pm - Sheffield Children’s Hospital (single pod)

  4. Wednesday 27 October 6pm - Lancaster Arts Centre (single pod, no riders)

  5. Friday 29 October, 11am - Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle (single pod)

  6. Sunday 31 October 2pm - Royal Children’s Hospital, Glasgow (entire installation and riders)

For any other queries email