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We exist to support people who are already acting to avert the climate crisis

Our clients are those who are in a position to have the greatest influence, but are not getting the support they need to maximise their impact.

Climate Acceptance Studios began by working with the health sector - its staff have formidable potential to shape both attitudes and policy on the climate because they have both the trust of the public and the ear of decision makers.

But we do not stop at health. We offer help to other credible groups like engineers, teachers and scientists, as well as the wider NGO space.

The idea of supporting those with the greatest capacity to bring about change extends into the commercial world too. If your organisation is genuinely committed to achieving Scope 3 emissions, we are here to give you the strategic support you need to maximise the good you can do for your business and society.

We do not take the size of the task lightly. Indeed, the entire climate debate is framed in terms dictated by the fossil fuel industry - ‘climate change’ and ‘carbon footprint’ were invented to distract us from the fact that this is a crisis, and only government action - not individual responsibility - can avert it.

We are dedicated to countering myths about the climate crisis, for example that green policies are more expensive, there’s no money to pay for them, and we would be entering a world without opportunity if we enacted them. You do not need fossil fuels to have wealth and job creation, and the subsidies to fossil fuel industries would more than pay for the transition.

We are anti-competitive - we have no rivals. If we feel that another firm is going to provide you with a more appropriate service than us, then we will refer you.